What to do if you’re not seeing results in your business

Do you ever feel like you’re so close, but not yet actually at the success you want? Or, do you ever feel like you’re doing ALL the things and just hoping – maybe silently and desperately praying – that something will stick?
If so, then here’s a little something you might not yet know. Success doesn’t always come from action. Success doesn’t always look like action – result – action – result.
I know, this is an annoying one to hear, right? Still grinds my gears a little too, but it’s true. In fact, when we get ATTACHED to looking at the actions we take in this way, we BLOCK our power and our energy. We block the exact power and energy that attracts our desires in the first place.
This means that when we bank on taking an action and experiencing a particular result, we are less likely to actually receive that result.
Now, this doesn’t mean we don’t have goals and desired outcomes. It doesn’t mean we don’t take action in an effort to meet our goals and desired outcomes. Instead, it means we’re not just taking action to immediately hit those goals. In fact, it means we’re SO committed to those goals that we’re going to keep showing up while they show up (and heck, maybe even enjoy the process).  
Here’s what it actually takes to create our desired success – from mindset to strategy to execution!


Instead of showing up to take action in desperation…
Instead of fighting and forcing our goals and desired outcomes to come to fruition…
Instead of striving and grasping and holding onto whatever success we do have with both hands clamped sternly together…
We take action because it’s in alignment with what we believe, who we are, and what we feel inspired to do in service of ourselves, our clients, and the world. We let success simply flow as a result of THAT energy. As a result of trusting that when we show up and do the work we’re meant to do – work that comes from standing in your power as a woman and a business owner – your desires WILL show up, too.
THIS is the mindset work that has to be done when it comes to taking action and creating success. We’ve got to trust that when we show up and do what we’re meant to do, our desires will show up, too.
Easier said than done? Yup, yup it is. Worth it? Hands down.


If you’re wanting more money or more impact, then you DON’T want to desperately take action banking on a specific result.
You DON’T want to operate being driven by action -> result -> action -> result. Instead, if you want to hit a certain goal, you take action feeling motivated and inspired to do so (not feeling forced or desperate to) and allow your desire to show up however it shows up.
You take action not for a specific result, but because you know that your action is in alignment with your calling and your truth. You allow your desire to show up whenever it does (and, most importantly, you trust that it will).
The strategy behind which actions to take comes down to the energy you’re putting out in the world.
Instead of taking action that puts “I need money” or “I need impact… visibility… clients” type of energy into the world, you show up and take action because you are powerful. Because you are IN your power. Because you trust in a higher power that supports you. Because you are in alignment with your calling. Because THIS IS THE WORK YOU WANT TO DO IN THE WORLD (which ironically, will always bring with it the things you “need”).


When I first started anything new in my business, I had to practice this a lot. More specifically, I had to learn how to execute without detachment around its end results. Around whether the action I took would be a success or a failure.
Every time I did this, success simply showed up. Was it magic? No, I took action too, but dang it felt good (the action and the results that eventually came from the action).
Being successful in your business goals (and in your execution) is all about your level of detachment from those business goals.
When I talk about detachment, I don’t mean not caring about your business, your clients, or your goals. Not at all. Detachment is all about the ENERGY that is being circled through your business. It’s the energy that comes from both claiming a desire (or setting a goal) AND allowing it to show up without forcing, pushing, or creating any sense of desperation around having that desire.
Now, let me ask you! Is there any place in your business where you are TOO attached to the outcome? Is there any place you’re clutching, grasping, or desperately forcing? Share with me below what you’re desiring in your business this month and how you will detach from NEEDING those desires!