Will Your Goals Become Your Reality In 2016?

That is totally up to you…

This past week I was laser-focused on mapping out my goals for the upcoming year. I know these are goals that I CAN and WILL meet because I consistently implement a combination of emotional support, mindset work, and serious strategy into my business.
Now I’m going to share with you exactly how I do my goal-setting, so that you can start to focus on your 2016 goals.
We’re going to talk:

  • Picking a word + getting your mindset right
  • Setting quarterly goals
  • Breaking your goals into small, actionable steps
  • My planner recommendations

Picking a word + getting your mindset right
I love to start goal-setting by first focusing on my mindset and how I want to feel. I always set goals that support me in the areas that are most critical to my happiness. Personally I know that FREEDOM + IMPACT are big factors in how I’m feeling. If I’m lacking in either of those areas I’m typically feeling “stuck”.
In other words, even when I’m making the big money months, and having outward success if those two boxes aren’t checked I’m not truly feeling the level of happiness I desire.
I also like to pick a word for the year. My word for 2016 is going to be JOY. I want to bring more joy into everything I’m doing and I want to only say yes to the projects, clients, opportunities, etc. that truly bring me joy.
That means when I start goal-setting my mind is focused only on how
I can consistently achieve those three things- FREEDOM, IMACT, and JOY. This makes goal-setting so much more enjoyable, clear, and worthwhile.
**Actionable… Decide on your word of the year and what feelings/outcomes you know you need to focus on to make goal-setting super effective. I’d love for you to share them with us in my Facebook group!
Setting quarterly goals
Now, let’s start setting some goals that support your word/feelings. I like to pick 4 main goals for the year, and then divide them up by quarter. I typically work toward all 4 year round, but in different quarters I focus my efforts MORE on the one I’ve picked for that quarter.
For example, it might look like:

Quarter 1: List growth (assign a number you’d like to grow your list to)
  • Quarter 2: Create/sell group program/mastermind (choose a type of program and the enrollment you want)
  • Quarter 3: Automate sales funnels, scheduling, client onboarding, etc. (choose what you want to automate in your biz)
  • Quarter 4: Outsourcing (choose exactly what you want to outsource and what type of expert you would need)

**Actionable… Get super specific on your 4 main goals. Then comment below and share them with me!
Breaking your goals into small, actionable steps 
Now, in order to really see this process come full circle we’re going to put small, actionable steps under each of those goals.
So let’s take list building as an example…
Goal 1: List growth by 500 names. The steps might look like:

  • Survey potential clients and ICA about what they most need help with
  • Create opt-in on that specific topic
  • Create lead page for opt-in
  • Create plan to market opt-in
  • Host webinar on this topic

This will look completely different depending on what your goal is or how many steps it entails (or even depending on how you like to list build!) but the point is to break your goals up into steps that feel doable instead of too big or overwhelming!
**Actionable … Breaking down the specific, detailed steps needed to ensure you achieve each goal, and decide which steps you can start taking NOW to hit your big goals in 2016!
My Planner Recommendations

  • The Rituals for Living Dreambook and Planner

Great for really exploring your desires, ideal day/life, and long-term goals

  • The Passion Planner

Great for daily planning and serious action-taking
**Actionable … Do some research and pick a form of planning that works best for you. Then commit to using it regularly to keep you accountable, and consistently moving toward your goals.
Cheers to transforming your goals into your reality in 2016!!


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