Why I Refuse To Sell Myself (And Why You Should Too)

I believe we have too many people trying to translate hardcore sales tactics to the coaching/service-provider world, and it doesn’t fit. I’m on a mission to change the way we approach sales, and to me, that starts with learning that there is a huge difference between selling and selling YOURSELF.
I am always available to sell. I am never available to sell myself.
What do I actually mean by this?


I always say, “you have to be sold on yourself first”. That is very different than selling others on your SERVICE.
What I mean by that is that we have to know our own internal value and have confidence so we can sell from that place. However, we never want to be convincing people that WE ARE valuable.
That’s where this sales stuff gets fuzzy… when we tie our internal worth to our external ability to sell.
When we get a “no” we feel like people don’t want to buy US, and when we get a “yes” our self-worth hangs on that yes far too much (and makes our confidence fragile).
Our self-worth can’t be tied to our ability to make sales or our pricing… otherwise we’re building a house of cards that can easily crumble with one too many “no’s”.
So for today, I’d love to ask you to look at your mindset behind selling vs. selling yourself.
Can you witness and own that you’re valuable because you’re YOU, and that you selling your services is completely separate from that?
If not, what trips you up around that?
Have you ever felt like you had to sell YOU and not the results/benefits of the services you provide?


I’m going to ask you a question that my mentor recently asked me…
What are the 3 benefits/results of working with you?
I want your selling strategy to focus on that, and not on who you are as person.
Next, I want to ask you what are the 3 things you love most about you?
It’s funny because this seems like such a silly, generic question but damn it’s hard to answer if you’re not sold on yourself. These should be totally independent of who you are in your business and what results you achieve.
The strategy here is separating the two, knowing the difference between the two, and having lists to reference when you need a reminder of either. This is massively helpful in your business because it allows you to show up confidently, and sell with more ease!


It can be soooo tempting to agree with the statement “I am always available to sell, but I am never available to sell myself” that I said earlier, but to execute on this I’ve got to ask…. Are you REALLY available to sell?
Yet, I see so many entrepreneurs miss the mark on this and stop selling all together because they feel too uncomfortable “selling themselves”.
I want to challenge you to execute and sell in ONE way today. Here’s a simple list of ways you could do that:

  1. Reach out to an old prospect
  2. Tap into your current network and let them know you have openings for XYZ in your business
  3. Send your list a sales email
  4. Write a sales post and share it on social media
  5. Follow up with a lead

This certainly isn’t all encompassing but it’s a great place to start, and a great way to start the process of selling your benefits/services rather than being attached to selling your self-worth ☺  
Use the list you created yesterday and work it into the way you’re selling and tell people why your services and the results you provide will rock their world!
Comment below and tell us what you’re going to do to sell today in your business.
If you’re stuck, let me know how I can help!

And if you want to create a sales process with high conversion rates without feeling sleazy or pushy, make sure to check out my half-day Skype intensives. It’s time for you to start bringing in those clients + cash!