Want to know how I create content even when I’m feeling stuck?

My Top Three Tips For Creating Content When You’re Feeling Stuck
You guys know that I believe that content creation is a muscle that has to be flexed consistently and that planning your content months in advance is the best way to go. However, no matter how much you’re flexing and planning sometimes there are still days where you just feel stuck. It happens to everyone, myself included, and can be super frustrating if you don’t have tools to overcome it. The first thing I do when I’m feeling stuck is…

  1. Get away from the computer.

As entrepreneurs we often get stuck in front of the computer and it absolutely drains our ideas and energy, so the first thing I do when I need to find some inspiration and pump out some content is to get away from the computer. Almost any activity away from the computer usually helps, but I love to get out in nature. I feel like my batteries always get recharged when I’m outdoors and every good idea I’ve ever had I can tie back to a walk, jog, or time spent enjoying nature. However, the great outdoors might not do that for everyone. Figure out what recharges your battery, get away from the computer and do that! Even a trip to target can give you some fresh perspective {unless you’re like me and Target is a black hole you can get stuck in for hours-oops!}. Often when we’re feeling completely stumped and need to get our content out the last thing we feel like we should do is leave our computer, and we often feel guilty if we do. However, I promise you it will get your ideas flowing and will be totally worth it in the end
This one almost always works for me, but on those rare days where even re-charging in nature doesn’t get my content muscle moving then I …

  1. Talk to someone about my business

Having a conversation with a business buddy, friend, or even my husband always gives me a fresh perspective on my business and gets my content muscle moving. Looking at your business through someone else’s eyes allows you to see it in a new light and gives you a ton of ideas related to your content. This may come from a quick conversation about your business, or you directly asking someone else for fresh ideas and opinions. However, talking about your business and getting a different outlook can do wonders for getting your ideas flowing no matter how short the conversation
If you can’t get someone on the phone or you just need to move quickly my last tip is to…

  1. Review your old content

I am a huge advocate of re-purposing your content. This not only makes things easier for you, but it also positions you as an expert. Repurposing content is also helpful to your clients because they often need to hear the same thing more than once before they actually start to implement it. Not to mention, you get new followers all the time, so its unlikely everyone on your list has already heard everything you’ve said before! Even if you don’t use the same piece of content again this will give you a fresh perspective, new ideas, and probably re-energize you and get your ideas flowing. I love reading things I’ve written awhile ago and am always inspired to put a new spin on it.
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