If you want killer content you must do this…

Are you a slave to your inspiration in your biz??
Seriously, this is a PROBLEM for so many entrepreneurs.
We feel like we can only create, make things happen, etc. WHEN we’re feeling inspired and we feel like our inspiration is TOTALLY out of our hands.
But what if we actually took responsibility for that inspiration?
What if we made it our friend?
What if we cultivated and nurtured it like an important team member in our business?
Then we could create amazing content, put out awesome work and plan in a way that let us have strategy, inspiration AND flow.
Here’s how I do this in my business (and how I help my clients do the same):


Inspiration can be our best friend or our biggest enemy.
When it’s our enemy it can often show up as an excuse in our business. “I can’t take action / write that post / show up because I’m not feeling inspired.”
But you are in charge of your own inspiration and how it shows up for you.
Inspiration is essential in your business. A lot of entrepreneurs start their business because they feel inspired, called to do something, meant to do this work in the world. However, once that initial inspiration begins to wax and wane, what we have to do is take control of cultivating our own inspiration.
This is what ultimately drives you to get up in the morning and keep moving forward even when you’re waiting to see the big results in your business.
I want you to encourage you to develop a mindset that says, “I’m in charge of my inspiration, it’s not in charge of me. “
We must decide that we are in control of cultivating our inspiration and that we’re not at the mercy of it.
All too often I hear people say they can “only post or create content when inspired” and they use it as their reason for not sharing content for days (or even weeks) at a time, which ultimately hurts them and their business.
This is because they have a belief that tells them that their inspiration is out of their control, when in fact, we are completely in control of our inspiration and how we manage, influence, and nurture it.
We need to re-program our beliefs on this topic and recognize that we are always in control and that there are countless ways to nurture our creativity and inspiration (more on this soon!).
One of my favorite affirmations on this topic is… “My creativity is my companion and I love and nurture it consistently and easily”


All too often we find ourselves staring at the computer when we “should” be working on things waiting for inspiration to strike. This is usually the last place you want to be if you’re trying to cultivate inspiration, so this week I want to create a strategy to use when this happens.
What are the things that truly cultivate inspiration for you? Almost always it’s things that fill OUR cup so that we can pour more inspiration into others.
So I want you to make a list of things that you know cultivate inspiration in you so that you can use them when you’re struggling to create amazing content or do big things in your business.
Challenge yourself to make a list of the top 5 things that create the most inspiration in you and then keep that list on your desk. When you have those moments, don’t freeze, go do one of those things so you can show up as the most inspired version of yourself in your business.
My list of 5 things that cultivate inspiration are:

  1. Getting outside
  2. Yoga (this one is new!!)
  3. Playing with my dogs
  4. Talking to someone about my business or about their business
  5. Reading an amazing book

What are your top 5? Use those to cultivate inspiration instead of staying stuck in front of the computer screen!


Let’s talk inspired execution…It’s like inspired action, but with a plan 🙂
I truly believe that we can and should cultivate our inspiration and use it to drive our content creation and planning.
For me, having a content plan I follow allows this inspired execution to happen because I actually have a topic to get inspired around!
You know that feeling of wanting to execute on something, sitting down at your computer screen and going BLANK? Yeah, that’s bad for business.
But imagine if you knew your weekly content topic in advance and were able to use different opportunities to think about it, get inspired around it and cultivate inspiration in advance so that when you sit down to create/write it flows with ease.
You can take the things that cultivate inspiration for you and combine them with a content plan/topic and you’ll be executing like a boss in no time!
For example, recently I dictated an entire week of content for my Value-Centered Sales program into my iPhone while on a walk because…
I knew what cultivated my inspiration (getting outside and getting moving)
I knew the topic I was going to be sharing/talking about
Then…magic happens.
So often we’re too one way or the other… meaning ALL the planning or ONLY the inspiration. I really believe that when we can combine the two magic occurs 😉
If you need help creating a content plan you can get support through my Content Planning Party.


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