The strategy support you need to get visible and sell with ease


Strategy intensives are built to help you grow and scale your business by identifying the specific strategies and plan that works best for you. You’ll walk away with either a personalized content strategy or sales process, and the confidence to execute it so you actually see results.

Why an Intensive?

The first step to success is creating a personalized strategic plan. That plan needs to fit you, your life, and your business and allow you to see it through and execute effectively.

Have you been struggling to consistently create content or sell in your business? Often, the reason is that you just don’t have a clear strategy that is actually tailored to you. You’re likely bouncing from idea to idea and strategy to strategy and it’s keeping you stuck, frustrated, and burnt out.

If you want to get crystal clear on the strategy that works for you (so you can start executing and seeing real results – now!), a virtual intensive is the best step.

You’ll have my eyes on your business for two focused hours, ensuring that you walk away knowing exactly how to create great content (so you can build relationships and your bottom line) or consistently sell your products and services (so you can close more sales and make more money – asap). A virtual intensive is the fastest way to create results and get the clarity you need to move your business forward.

Choose a focus: Content Marketing or Sales

Content Marketing Intensive

Create content and get visible consistently

Content marketing has allowed me to build a multi-six figure business and I credit it to being the single most important asset in my business.

The valuable content I create and share, has built my FB community to over 14,000, has created deep know, like, and trust with my audience, and has allowed me to book out my coaching 8+ months in advance. This intensive will guide you through your own content-creation process and plan, allowing you to reach your audience and show them your value as a service provider so that you can continue to grow and scale long-term.

I’ll walk you through my Value-Centered Content Marketing Process where you’ll:

  • Get crystal-clear on your message and identify how to best communicate your value and share the exact problem you solve & solution you provide
  • Determine your ideal client and how you best serve and connect with them
  • Develop the strategy for how you market yourself consistently and confidently
  • Create a 25-week content plan, unique content categories, and time-saving strategies for repurposing and organizing your content
  • Master what makes you unique and know how to share and sell it in a way that feels GOOD

What you get…
By the end of the intensive you’ll know exactly how to communicate your message, how to get visible consistently, and how to give real value that translates to real dollars in your bank account. You’ll see results in the ease of your content creation, but also in your confidence and your client roster.

Sales Intensive

Create a sales process that feels good to you

Sales can be a scary word, but I’m here to tell you it absolutely shouldn’t be. As a coach and a service provider, I believe that you have a responsibility to sell from a place of value, empowerment, and integrity — not limitation, intimidation, bullying, or pressuring. I personally convert calls at 90% consistently and have taken clients from 10% conversion rates up to 80%+. What I know for sure is that it’s entirely possible to have high conversion rates without feeling sleazy or pushy – and I’ll show you how during this intensive.

I’ll walk you through my Value-Centered Sales® Process where you’ll learn:

  • How to conduct a sales call in a way that feels good — to both you and your potential client
  • How to set up your discovery call process and deliver value before, during, and after so that you start, close, and keep the sale
  • The exact questions to ask before and during your sales calls that will make the biggest difference, and how to ask for the sale (without sounding sleazy) so you can close and follow-up with ease
  • How to ditch the power play dynamics taught in our industry, and make empowerment (of yourself AND your potential client) the focus of the sales process
  • How to get the right people on the phone and stay true to your value and integrity throughout the sales process while increasing your conversion rate

What you get…
By the end of this intensive you’ll know exactly how to start, get and keep the sale. You’ll feel solid on empowering and giving value throughout your sales process, and nailing your discovery calls (minus the sleaze). You’ll see the results in your sales confidence, but also in your conversion rate and income.


I am open to alternate topics for the intensive and have helped clients with everything from client journey, to planning their next launch, to their scalability plan so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have other interests and I’ll let you know if I’m the right person to support you in that area.



(Paid in full)

Includes two-hour intensive plus 1 week of email support.