Your Business Vision Board (how to build it and why this matters)

Do vision boards just seem so cliche? I hear you AND they can make you more money… especially having a BUSINESS vision board. 

If you’re wondering: 

  • how this powerful tool can create massive success in business (and wtf to focus on to get these results), and 
  • how to get crystal clear on what your version of success looks like and the path to get there…

I went live in  The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur to talk about your business vision board (how to build it and why this matters).

I show you the exact practice I walk clients through (specifically my Millionaire Makers Mastermind) to create this vision and how you can use it for not only the rest of 2022 but to start getting locked in on 2023. Let’s get specific and look at the core areas together to help you start creating the results you desire. 

This is a fun one that you don’t want to miss!

In this repay, you’ll hear:

  • The six key components that create million dollar businesses
  • How to select intentional business goals that help design your most lit up life
  • The #1 way to have clarity and stay on track to get what you want out of your business (and feel really good about it, too!)


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