You are always selling something….

so it’s time to get good at it

So many entrepreneurs say their #1 struggle is sales. 

Many times we view sales in our business like a big scary forest. We don’t want to step foot anywhere near it… because just the word alone makes us cringe.

As a coach, I hear so many of my clients say they feel like sales are “icky”. Others feel like they just can’t sell consistently in their biz. Others even say they’ve tried and tried but just don’t have the knack for selling.

If this resonates with you, and maybe you’ve uttered such a statement once or twice yourself, then click the video below. It’s time to stop struggling with sales and start feeling EMPOWERED to shift your perspective!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Shifting your perspective on what sales is really all about (4:25)
  • Selling people on taking action (7:50)
  • Why I’m so against sales scripts (9:00)
  • Where are you selling (encouraging someone to take an action) right now? (13:05)
  • What we so often stop doing in the sales process online (16:30)
  • How we need to think of sales (18:00)
    Most people who think they’re not good at sales are not… (20:20)
  • How to get so much better at selling consistently in your business (21:55)
  • Watching (and getting curious about) your own buying behavior (25:45)
  • You’re always selling something because you always want something (28:07)
  • What are you great at when it comes to selling? (in life and business) (29:45)
  • The way to always make sales is to always… (33:00)


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