Why You’re REALLY Not Seeing Results in Your Business!

This is one of the MOST popular videos to date inside The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur. I have a feeling this video is so popular because I dive into exactly what holds many of us back from the visibility, sales, and impact we want — including the number one most common mistake I see entrepreneurs make. If you’re not seeing the results you want, click the video below and listen up! 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What we typically think we need help with is often the thing we’re already good at (1:38)
  • The first question to ask yourself if you’re not seeing results in your business (5:30)
  • When we get so attached to ________, then it’s so hard to make it happen (8:30)
  • What happens when we focus on what we can’t control (instead of what we can control) (10:17)
  • What are you spending the majority of your time thinking about, worrying about, and focusing on in your business? (15:58)
  • When you show up as though it’s yours, it will become yours (19:40)
  • If you want to know what you’ve decided, look at your actions (23:50)
  • When you’re available for it not to work, all evidence will point to _______ (26:00)
  • One of the most common  things I see that stops people from getting results (28:00)
  • It’s totally okay to feel frustrated, but are you going to stay there? (32:00)
  • If you’re not seeing results, start here and then look at strategy (36:10)
  • Once you make it simple, it’s simple (38:15)


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