Why you DON’T need more “accountability”

and what you really need to get big results

Do you ever find yourself wishing you just had more accountability? That if you did, you’d finally be able to be more consistent, get things done, and reach X result?

Well, I’m here to tell ya that’s not the case. In fact, that “accountability” could actually be holding you back in your business!

In this livestream I talk about:
• Why you DON’T need more “accountability”
• How thinking you do keeps you stuck in your business
• What you REALLY need most in your business
• What we’re really saying when we say we need more accountability
• The real solution to what we need
• Support and sustainability in business
• Why you don’t need another boss – you need to learn to BE the boss
• Leaning into your strengths and what to do when you’re challenged
• Figuring out how to get the support to be the best CEO you can be


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