Why I’ve Never Taken Payment On the Phone + Other Sales Secrets

Sales is always a hot topic of conversation, but when something like a global pandemic hits, we have even more questions and want to do things even more “right” than usual.

Meaning, we want to sell, make money, and serve people right now… but we don’t want to manipulate, sound sleazy, or seem to be taking advantage of a difficult situation. Don’t get me wrong- that’s ALWAYS true but feels even MORE true at the moment, right?

I keep saying that our industry will see a boom over the next few months and years and to be part of that boom you have to keep selling. The thing is, there are ways to do this that FEEL GOOD… and ways to do this that feel not-so-good.

That’s why I went live to share Why I’ve NEVER taken payment on the phone + other sales secrets that get RESULTS.

As always, I’m sharing relevant strategies that will make a huge difference as you sell right now AND tried-and-true secrets that have always been part of how I approach sales. I promise you, this will make a huge difference for you when it comes to asking for (and then closing) the sale!

Here’s what you’ll learn:
• How I make well over $500k a year WITHOUT using sales scripts or taking payment over the phone
• What to do if you think you’re bad at a sales (and why I personally thought I was bad at sales when I first started A Lit Up Life)
• How to get (and keep) the sale plus what sales process converts BEST and my #1 tip for a 85-90% conversion rate


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