Why I’m giving up a part of my business and The Golden Ticket FAQ

Do y’all think I’m crazy yet?  

I kind of hope so, because all the best people are right (hopefully you got my Alice in Wonderland reference there)?!

Jokes aside, it has truly been so much fun getting to share about the A Lit Up Life: Golden Ticket NFT with all of you, and while I know so many of you are so pumped about this incredible opportunity and SO get where we’re going with this… 

I know a lot of people are also like: “WTF, why would you give up a stake in your business?” and SO many other questions! 

And I get it… this is EXACTLY what happens when we do something new, different, and innovative. 

We often start by creating more questions than answers, but THAT gets to be the fun part! I am obsessed with hearing your questions, curiosity and straight up WTF moments you’re having around this new endeavor we’ve taken on and I’m here to answer them ALL.

Because here’s the truth… this project isn’t just about the one person who wins the A Lit Up Life: Golden Ticket NFT (though they are getting the deal and opportunity of the century in my opinion). It’s about our industry, it’s about our community, and it’s about making other women feel empowered to dive into what’s coming next without feeling like it has to be too tech bro-y, complicated, or quite frankly- an opportunity that you have to sit out. 

It can be simple, fun, and TREMENDOUSLY beneficial to your business and I’m here to answer all your Q’s and walk you through that process. 

So I went live to share with you why I’m giving up a part of my business and The Golden Ticket FAQ!

I’d love to have you join me and learn SO much more about how this not only affects my business and our industry- but YOURS as well!

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • The ways I think the A Lit Up Life: Golden Ticket NFT will be wildly valuable for the owner (plus their options for leasing and how soon they can start their coaching) 
  • Why I think it’s important (now more than ever!) for us ladies to participate in crypto, learn, and take simple steps like setting up our accounts
  • The really important thing to keep in mind when you’re trying something new in your business or with your audience (giant dose of permission in this one if you need it!)


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