Why I’m closing down 1:1 for the rest of the year

I spent an entire day last week crying.

(And not exactly the happy tears I’m infamous for shedding.)

I spent a whole day in tears because I made the hard decision (like HARD hard decision) to shut down the doors of my 1:1 for the rest of the year.

Kinda a big deal, when your entire business model is built on 1:1, right?

I went live to share the behind-the-scenes of Why I’m Closing Down 1:1 for the Rest of The Year.

I’m sharing what it ACTUALLY looks like to run an unconventional model, including the sometimes hard decisions you have to make when you’re committed to doing things your own way.

You see, I *could* take on more clients, sell a course, and ultimately figure out how to bring on more coaches under me, etc…. and yet I’m *choosing* to do something totally different instead.

The “why” might surprise you (and give you a heaping dose of permission).

Here’s what you’ll learn:

• Why I spent an entire day in full-blown tears (of the not-so-happy variety)
• The #1 reason I see businesses fail (and how this impacted my difficult decision)
• Why I’m giving up 7-figures in revenue in 2020 (and the difference between revenue and profit that ALL business owners *need* to know)

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