Why I still show up when I’m full for 2020

(and specific strategies for filling your own programs)

Here’s the deal ya’ll…

I had a livestream planned to talk about why I’m still showing up even when I’m full for 2020 and explaining the strategy around visibility, touch points, etc. that you can all use to fill your programs and practices too.

And I still did that livestream.

BUT what I did at the beginning of that livestream is talking about what’s going on in our world and communities.

Not because I am an expert or because you should listen to me.

You shouldn’t.

I’m not the person to learn from on this topic, but I will give you women you can learn from.

And I will share some of what I’m doing (because in many ways it DOES apply to showing the eff up anyway). Because I believe that speaking (even if completely imperfectly) and acknowledging (even if completely imperfectly) is the best thing we can all be doing right now.

So, I went live to share all of the above AND to talk about why I’m still showing up even when I’m full for 2020, why that matters to you, and the visibility strategies you can use to fill your own programs and practices too.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

• How I’m committed to making ALUL a safer space for Black Women and Women of Color (and the women I am learning from and have paid to learn from to do this better)
• The real reason I sign the majority of my clients (and one of the biggest fallacies I see in the online industry)
• How to make more sales, sell out your programs, and increase conversions (and stop the “feast or famine” cycle in your business)


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