Why I do NOT believe in ideal clients (and what you can do instead)

I think the whole “ideal client” thing is bullshit.

Sure, there IS value in knowing who you love to work with. It’s helpful for your sake and your client’s sake to know who are speaking to and for who your services and programs are made.

But at this point, the ideal client pendulum has swung WAY past the point of value.

Ideal client exercises are keeping business owners stuck. They’re becoming a reason to NOT sell and NOT speak up… because we’re feeling like we need more research, more info, more clarity first.

At the beginning of my business, I know I turned down people that I felt didn’t “fit” my ideal client avatar. And I’ve had clients do the same before we started our work together.

But after figuring it out what it REALLY takes to run a multi six-figure business (and help clients hit their first $10k, $50k, all the way up to $300k months), I can see how this way of looking at ideal clients doesn’t work.

That’s why I did this livestream inside my community, The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur, to share why I do NOT believe in ideal clients (and what you can do instead).

If you’re ready for more clients, more sales, and more success in 2021, this one’s for you. I’m talking about what you can do to ACTUALLY propel your business forward, and help you know exactly when to speak and what to say so that you can connect more deeply with your people and ultimately make more sales.

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • How ideal client exercises & avatars are holding you back as a business owner (and what to do instead to make more money & attract more clients you love to work with)
  • Why you actually would NOT want to work with your “ideal client” and the shorter, faster path to attracting clients who get big results
  • The 3 questions that’ll tell you everything you need to know about who you serve (and why these 3 questions are THE reason my clients get such big results)


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