What to do if you’re afraid of getting negative feedback online

Do you ever shy away from fully sharing your truth online?

Listen , it’s pretty scary to put ourselves out there. Even if you’re comfortable with “being visible” online, we all experience this at some point, especially when we’re sharing something new, different, or meaningful with our audience. It requires a new level of vulnerability from us.

Maybe you’re pivoting in your business, or you have a personal story or controversial opinion that you want to share, but you’re afraid of how people might react. You might be afraid your audience won’t get it, or they’ll make an assumption about something.

The key is to control the narrative.

In this livestream, I shared all about what it actually means to control the narrative, and why it’s something you need to start doing in your business.

I talked about:

• Vulnerability and what keeps us stuck around posting our own content (2:36)
• What it means to control the narrative (6:15)
• Negative feedback and filling in the gaps (9:10)
• People will pay attention to what you tell them (12:14)
• What to think about the next time you’re sharing something that feels scary (16:00)
• Controlling the narrative when it comes to sales (20:44)
• If you’re having trouble figuring out how to control the narrative, the first step is to… (24:05)
• It’s not just about selling, it’s really about controlling the narrative around the sale (28:19)
• The questions to ask yourself around your sales process and content (33:53)


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