What I’ve learned three years into this business

Transparent talk on BIG results

In July 2018, I had my three year business anniversary. I feel like so much of my perspective has shifted and changed and grown over those three years and I really want to share some of those lessons!

I decided to do a livestream in my group, The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur and shared my top 6 lessons!

I talked about:
• THE biggest piece that’s going to determine your growth and your momentum (2:46)
• Your content doesn’t need to be revolutionary – and what it’s really all about instead (3:54)
• Why you need to learn how to not take things personally in business (9:29)
• The types of decisions you need to be making in order to grow (15:25)
• Why it’s essential to focus on only a couple things – and make sure you like doing them (22:04)
• Business is easy, the real work is getting out of your own way (30:06)
• The REAL “secret” to success (34:44)


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