We didn’t hit seven figures this year *gasp*. Let’s talk about it…

Y’all know I love sharing the real behind the scenes stuff that happens in business we don’t hear often enough (just listen to my podcast LITerally to find out just how real and unfiltered we like to get over here). 

So in keeping things real, I shared in The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur that we didn’t hit seven figures this year *gasp*. Let’s talk about it… 

And hey, let’s face it, 2022 was a big year for me personally. Of course it affected my business. Of course it impacted my revenue. Of course I anticipated that happening. And also, life threw me some curveballs this year for sure. So let’s talk more about that… Making choices and tradeoffs when life happens, why we didn’t hit seven figures (what we did do), and more.

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • Why I am SO proud of my results this year (and how they never once took away my value as a coach)
  • What led me to be satisfied (and unapologetic) with my wins in a very intense time
  • Permission to focus on your life rather than money (and don’t give AF about what anyone else online thinks)
  • Whether or not I still call myself a “seven figure business owner”


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