Time Spent in Your Business & Why You’re Not Further Along

Tired of feeling like you work really, really hard and spend SO much time in your biz… but aren’t as far along as you’d like to be? Ready to make more sales, income and impact… like NOW?

You don’t need to rearrange your entire business model or start putting in even more hours. But you do need to get crystal clear (and honest) about how you’re currently working in your biz.

Specifically, you need to make sure you’re *serving* your heart out (and not just thinking your heart out).

If this resonates with you, check out this livestream I did to chat about Time Spent in Your Business (& Why You’re Not “Further Along”).

If you feel like you’re spending a ton of time trying to build your biz and don’t have the results to show for it just yet, this one’s for you!

Here’s what you’ll learn:
• What to do if you feel like you’re working all the time and yet not seeing results in your biz (and how to stop feeling frustrated and burnt out)
• What *actually* gets you the quick results and moves you along in your biz (plus one thing you gotta stop doing ASAP)
• The #1 excuse your brain will tell you to keep you stuck (and how to bust through this myth so that you can get more clients and make more money)


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