The way you’re probably sabotaging your success right NOW

(and how to shift it FAST)

As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get distracted by #allthethings we have to do in our biz. And many times we unintentionally self-sabotage ourselves without even realizing what we’re doing. While this is normal, and something I talk a lot about with my clients, it’s also something we can shift — fast. If you’re moving a mile a minute, trying to do everything you can to make your business work, and you’re still NOT seeing the results you want, watch this video. Here’s how you might be accidentally sabotaging your success.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The way you’re probably sabotaging your success right now is… (3:28)
  • When everything becomes a rabbit hole and you feel like you’re working all the time (5:48)
  • I’m doing all the things, why is nothing working? (7:20)
  • Focusing on the problem vs. choosing a solution and then acting as though that solution is done (8:50)
  • Why always look for what else we can do actually sabotages our results (13:50)
  • The way to not self-sabotage during the time gap (15:05)
  • Identifying the biggest problem in your business right now (16:30)
  • What are the specific actions for solving this problem? (18:55)
  • What happens when we give something the chance to work for 90 days (21:55)
  • Committing to your decision vs. looking at what everyone else is doing (and why mindset work is so key) (24:40)
  • How to go faster and do more vs. sticking with it and letting it build (27:30)
  • What is your commitment for the next 90 days? (29:50)


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