The Top 3 Ways High Performing Women Sabotage Their Scaling

And exactly what you need to do to stop

After scaling my own 1:1 coaching practice to being on track for well over $600k cash this year, hitting $76k cash in August, and helping MANY clients scale to $30k, $100k, even $500k months.. I know what it takes to not only build a successful business but also scale that business to entirely new heights.

What’s interesting being behind-the-scenes of scaling businesses is that I get a front-row seat to study what does (and doesn’t) work for different people and businesses across the board. Because while there’s no one right way to scale, there ARE a few things that make big revenue goals easier to reach.

Even more, there are three specific ways I see high-performing women entrepreneurs (hint: that’s you) keep themselves stuck and hold themselves back from reaching their fullest scaling potential.

That’s why, I went live to share The Top 3 Ways High Performing Women Sabotage Their Scaling (and exactly what you need to do to stop).

If you’re in a season of scaling, or you want to grow with less frustration, this one’s for you!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • If there was a secret to scaling success, it would be THIS (+ what I can tell you about scaling after helping multiple clients scale to seven-figures)
  • The TRAP many business owners fall into (hint: this one might trigger you!) and the specific mindset and energy a scaling CEO brings to the table
  • How to grow with more ease, more speed, and more fun (and the #1 biggest contributor to my own growth!)


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