The top 3 rules we have for A Lit Up Life

and how they help us make BANK ? with my COO Megan Schopieray

Ever wonder what it looks like behind the scenes of A Lit Up Life? Wonder what rules or values we live by to keep expanding both the income + impact we create?

As I’ve hired a team to work alongside me more + more over the last few years, the need for guiding principles to keep us all on the same page has become increasingly apparent.

Not only have these principles saved us countless headaches, but they’ve also contributed to the massive (and unconventional) success we’ve had.

That’s why I did this livestream with my COO Megan Schopieray to share the top 3 rules we have for A Lit Up Life — and how they help us make BANK!

Whether you’re running your own team or looking to strategically increase your revenue, you don’t want to miss this one!












Here’s what went down:
• How to stop wasting time, resources, and money in your biz (especially when it comes to managing a team)
• What we believe is *more important* than growing a community or growing a list
• Hands down the #1 rule that has grown A Lit Up Life

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