The thing that actually drives rapid growth (and how to know what makes sense for your business)

I’ve had clients take the slow and steady route to growing their businesses and I’ve had clients experience rapid growth that blew their minds. 

I’ve personally had those big moments of what felt like rapid growth in my business, but mostly I’ve been really slow and steady over the years. 

Neither is worse/better/right/wrong. But there is something particular that drives rapid growth, and it’s worth talking about. 

It’s also worth talking about if it actually makes sense for your business. 

That is why I went live in The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur to discuss the thing that actually drives rapid growth (and how to know what makes sense for your business). I also dove into Blue Ocean strategy a bit (y’all know I love this!), as well as the importance of sticking to what makes sense for YOU and the vision you have for YOUR business.

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • Two things that drive rapid growth in online businesses and examples of how I’ve seen this play out with my clients and in ALUL
  • The upsides to niching down in your business and why there isn’t just one way to do it to see results
  • Diving into Blue Ocean Theory: what it is and an example of how I applied it to help grow and scale my own business 
  • Feeling tension and playing the “game” for growth based on what the industry tells you to do
  • The downsides to niching too much and where you CAN get really specific that will actually help you even more so
  • Where mindset plays into this idea of rapid growth


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