The systems you’re going to want to steal going into 2024 with my COO Megan Schopieray

If you want a business that serves you, the bottom line is you’re going to need systems that serve the business. 

I see so many people resisting systems and structure in their business, not realizing that those are the exact things that give them the freedom and results that they so deeply crave. 

If you have plans to grow and scale in 2024, then getting systems set up NOW that support that is crucial.

That is why I went live in The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur with my COO Megan Schopieray to discuss the systems you’re going to want to steal going into 2024.

I am so proud of the systems we have and how we operate at A Lit Up Life, and so much of that is because of Megan. She shared lots of specifics around how we set things up, what works best for us, and how you can have structure and freedom living together in your business, too!

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