The strategies and tools we use to connect and convert with more ease with my COO Megan Schopieray

We talk A LOT about connection being the strategy underneath all other strategies that’ll help you build an audience, attract more clients, and ultimately make more money in your business.

But what exactly does that mean? How do online business owners prioritize connection with potential and current clients and how does that connection actually increase conversion rates?

I went live with my COO Megan Schopieray to share the strategies and tools we use to connect and convert with more ease.

We’re getting SPECIFIC about the exact systems we have in place (including the touchpoints we’ve implemented and the platforms that help us execute on those touchpoints) as we break down our back-end process for fostering relationships here at A Lit Up Life.

If you’re wondering how to create even better connections in your business (in a way that’ll increase both new client conversions and re-sign rates), you’re going to love this live!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The specific tools and systems we use to connect from a community, waitlist, DIY purchase, and client perspective
  • The back-end systems and processes we have in place at ALUL to host giveaways, spotlights, community events, and implement other touchpoints with our audience
  • The #1 tool I am OBSESSED with (plus how & why I use this tool each time someone buys from me or gets on a waitlist)


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