The secret to REAL results (and serious conversions)

with my client + friend Elise Maisonneuve

In this livestream I’m joined by my friend and client Elise Maisonneuve to talk all about the secret to real results and serious conversions (even with a small audience).

Elise talks about how she filled her 1:1 practice TWICE, hit $10k months consistently, and quit her part time job (2 of ’em) in 6 weeks…. all with under 250 in her FB group and on her email list (and WITHOUT using any other tactics for client leads).

We talked about:
• Seeing huge results with a small community (3:05)
• Being value-based or service-based as you start your business (7:30)
• Building relationships in a way that works for you (11:15)
• Making the decision to show up and having the mindset that it’s going to work (15:20)
• How to connect and convert with a small audience (21:40)
• Knowing your ideal client and helping them feel seen, heard, and understood (26:30)
• Delivering such great value that people want to pay to work with you (32:00)
• Hiring support early in your business (35:55)
• When you go all in with your people, they want to go all in with you (43:00)
• Consistency trumps everything (46:25)
• Connection over attention (50:30)


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