The ONE thing that will make you more likely to acquire a new customer & retain them with Jen Grayeb

If I could tell you that one thing was going to make you 23x more likely to acquire a new customer and 6x more likely to retain them, would you be interested?

What if those weren’t just made up numbers, but were actually studied and backed by data? Even more interested?

I’m going to assume your answer is yes 😊

That’s why my Datable business partner, Jen Grayeb, and I went live in The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur to discuss the ONE thing that will make you 23x more likely to acquire a new customer and 6x more likely to retain them. 

We shared more about a study by McKinsey & Co. to help you really leverage their findings, get better results, and become more profitable!

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • Why we shouldn’t completely vilify corporate companies and what we can learn from them to help our online businesses see even greater success
  • How the seemingly unreal data from this study is actually true and some BTS examples from both of us that will blow your mind with proof
  • Being skeptical of those who say their way is the “best” way and the importance of knowing your own audience for getting better results
  • The reason we won’t be marketing Datable on Instagram anymore and things to keep in mind when you see other businesses shift like this – and before you make a shift yourself
  • Where to start with looking at data in your business so you can leverage it ASAP (it’s a LOT easier than you think!)

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