The ONE objection almost everyone has + that frustrates people the MOST (and how to handle it)

I LOVE objections. There I said it.

I don’t think objections are a bad sign, I don’t think it means someone “doesn’t want it” and I sure as hell don’t think they mean I’m bad at sales or people don’t want to buy from me. Seriously, I get fired up at the opportunity to walk a potential client through an objection on a sales call (because I know it serves them), but trust me when I say this was not always the case.

Until I learned *where* most objections were coming from and *how* to move someone through them from a place of empowerment rather than pressure or fear, objections totally tripped me up (let’s be real—>it felt like I was basically selling fax machines in corporate America and gave me all the icks).

And that’s been true for a lot of my clients, too. They started to enjoy objections (rather than tiptoe around them) only once they understood WHY objections were happening and HOW to handle them head-on.

That’s why I went live to share the ONE objection almost everyone has + that frustrates people the MOST (and how to handle it).

If you’re feeling frustrated because you keep hearing the same objection, or if you simply want to feel more confident moving someone through your sales process so you can sign more clients and make more sales, this one’s for you!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to make sales feel EASIER (and how to have more confidence on sales calls) 
  • The most strategic way to handle ANY objection in your business 
  • The TWO reasons people buy (and don’t buy) and how to apply this to your business for more sales and a higher conversion rate

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