The one concept that changed everything for me in sales (and life)

There’s one thing that trips almost ALL of my clients up when it comes to sales (and it can trip many of us up in life too ?).

Whether you want to close your first few 1:1 sales, or you’re looking to scale with larger group programs or products, if you want to sign more clients (and make more cash) in your business, then you HAVE to master the art of selling.

That’s why I went live to share the one concept that changed everything for me in sales (and life).

I tell you, this one vital piece of information will change how you think about and show up for EVERYTHING in your business (and life)… from how you do sales to how you run your team to even how you build relationships!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

• Why you need to throw out the specifics in sales (the scripts, the templates, etc.)
• How to close more sales on discovery calls (and enjoy being on them WAY more!)
• The #1 rule of thumb to adopt if you want to get the sale every single time

Watch the replay below and then let me know: Does this concept resonate with you? Have you ever done or experienced this in your own sales process?


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