The Offers We’re Selling + Recommending in 2024 with Ellie Swift

Here’s the truth: Most offers and business models work, if you work them the right way.

But here’s the bigger truth: Having the right kind of offer… that’s both relevant to your ideal client AND the current market makes having the success you want a whole lot easier.

In fact, when my friend & client Ellie Swift asked me recently what I saw making the biggest differences in launches that were killing it, that was my answer- the right offer.

Ellie had LOTS of her own thoughts around this too, so we decided to have her join me live on The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur to discuss the offers we’re selling and recommending in 2024.

I am excited to walk you through not only what I see working overall in our space right now, but some specific recommendations I’ve been making for clients with different business models that will really help your offer and funnel click into place.


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