The MillionHER® Mentality

Want to know what I think (scratch that: KNOW) is better than being a millionaire?

It’s being a MillionHER®.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love helping clients reach seven figures in their business as much as the next coach. But there’s one thing I make a PRIORITY when clients sign on to work with me and it has nothing to do with six zeros behind a one.

I make the MillionHER™ mentality a NON-NEGOTIABLE for my clients because it’s what actually makes business sustainable and because, quite frankly, it feels fucking fantastic. #youcanquotemeonthat

That’s why I did this livestream to share The MillionHER® Mentality: building a successful business that fits you.

During this livestream, I share how I brought this mentality into A Lit Up Life (hint: ever notice I don’t scale in traditional ways?) and why living with your VALUES leading the way (and not just a revenue goal) is THE way to live a life you love and run a business that feels better than a million dollars ever could.

The irony of which is- it actually GETS you to that seven figure mark with more speed and ease than any traditional mentality ever could too.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn:
• If you want sustainable results and a totally lit up life and business, then THIS 1 mindset shift needs to become your top priority and full-time job
• 3 of my favorites Qs to ask yourself to feel more peace, happiness, fulfillment and abundance in your business
• The ultimate indicator of your success (& the exact reason I thrive, feel good, have clients I love and make a ton of money running ALUL)


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