The key role you should play in your business with my COO Megan Schopieray

Is the feeling of team waiting on you… weighing on you?

And maybe not only weighing on you, but maybe quite literally, stopping your business from moving forward?

I get it. We’ve all been there as our businesses grow, and it can feel overwhelming AF when we keep finding ourselves in this position. 

So how can we work to not only complete what needs to be done, but actually stop being the bottleneck and move the needle forward in a big way (minus the side of massive overwhelm)?

Join me in The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur where we pinpoint the key role you should play in your business to get the biggest results with my COO Megan Schopieray.

We’re making it really simple and sharing how to be PART of moving things in our business forward (and removing ourselves from being the WHOLE way we move forward). Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to more ease and productivity. This discussion will help you identify your role as CEO, and catapult your business success!

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • The biggest game changer that prevents us from becoming the bottleneck in business and helps team continuously move forward
  • How to release the need to do everything ourselves (and what to do instead!)
  • A surprising and effective way to increase freedom and decrease decision fatigue
  • What to do if you often plan things last minute in your business – this is so empowering for team!


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