The feminine way to run your business while getting epic results (from two high-achievers) with Sandy Vo

As high-achievers, we tend to jump right into more masculine approaches to running a business. We focus on specific strategies, detailed step-by-step plans, and expect direct results from each action we take. And while strategy and execution are important, non-negotiables in business, we’re often quick to shy away from some of the more feminine approaches to growth.

It sometimes feels like THAT way of doing business – with self-care, mindset, and energy management being just as important as action – is CONTRARY to the very big, very tangible goals we’ve set for ourselves.

But what I know FOR SURE is it doesn’t have to be. I’m proof of that, and so is my friend and client, Sandy.

That’s why we went live to share The Feminine Way to Run Your Business While Getting Epic Results (from Two High-Achievers) with Sandy Vo.

A fellow self-identified high-achiever, Sandy trailblazes the path to high levels of leadership through sacred self-care. Together on this livestream, we’ll connect the dots and share how even the most high-achieving, ambitious entrepreneurs can adopt a more feminine approach to running a business… while wanting, working towards, and GETTING epic results.

If you want to feel FULLY lit up in your life and business, and turn overwhelm into ease or stress into creative expression, you’ll love this live. We’ll break down how the feminine approach to business is not only NOT contradictory to your goals but actually the path of least resistance you’re looking for.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to have outer success AND inner fulfillment (so you don’t have to sacrifice your sanity, self-care, or life to build a profitable, sustainable business)
  • The opposite of “hustle” and “grind” and what it looks like to prioritize peace WHILE working towards your goals and getting what you want
  • A 15-second strategy for bringing more peace, ease, and feminine energy to your business so that you work more efficiently AND get more results (plus the surprising way to solve problems in your business)

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