The evolution of the coaching space & real talk about how much things have changed & what’s next

I celebrated 7 years in business at A Lit Up Life at the end of August.

That means I’ve been in this online coaching space for over 2,555 days. 

And what I can tell you is that A LOT has changed in that time. Like a lot. 

What I can also tell you is that it’s going to KEEP changing and evolving and the more we can acknowledge and have conversations about this… the better. 

Because right now, what I’m seeing is… interesting 🥴But I also think there are some very exciting things coming! 

I went live in The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur for an in-depth conversation on the evolution of the coaching space and some real talk about how much things have changed and what’s next.

I shared my views on the evolution of our space, and how it can be either super empowering or downright overwhelming (plus how to decide which one it gets to be for you). I loved spilling my thoughts on this and what I believe is coming next for us!

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • The ultimate key to building a long-term, successful business in a way that completely lights you up (and does not lead to burnout)
  • The truth about what is shifting in the online industry (and why you don’t have to keep up with the changes if you choose not to)
  • How to prepare for the upcoming changes so you can continue creating a life and business you love


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