The BIGGEST Thing Most Solopreneurs Are Getting Wrong

Over the past 3+ years as a coach, working with hundreds of women entrepreneurs, I’ve noticed that many solopreneurs tend to make the same mistakes in their business – and it’s keeping them from getting the results that they desire.

That’s why today I did a livestream in my group The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur to share the BIGGEST thing most solopreneurs are getting wrong (and how to solve it to make WAY more money NOW).

Here’s what I talked about:
• The mistake I see almost all solopreneurs make that never gets talked about (1:19)
• Your absolute biggest asset as a solopreneur (4:49)
• The importance of focus and results-based planning (6:43)
• What has kept my sales steady for over 3 years (13:46)
• Getting comfortable with uncertainty (24:43)

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