The biggest secret in the coaching industry

and why it’s MASSIVELY impacting your bottom line

The online space is one of those places where there seems to be a lot of transparency on some things, yet other topics NO ONE talks about. In this video, I shared about the biggest secret in the coaching industry that no one is talking about, how it’s impacting you, and what you can start doing to be more strategic in your business.

I talked about:

• What that biggest secret in the coaching industry is (2:15)
• The difference between take home goals and the money you need to make (5:35)
• The different ways scarcity mindset can show up for us (9:36)
• Why I believe in making the right investments in your business (14:02)
• Strategically making investments in your business (19:43)
• Investing in action instead of more knowledge (28:10)
• Knowing your expenses in your business (32:35)
• Looking at and limiting recurring expenses in your business (37:17)
• What to start doing from day one in your business (40:27)


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