The best (and worst) ways to run masterminds with Ellie Swift

We know Masterminds are all the rage – whether it’s being in one or running one, they’re one of the most popular offers in our industry. 

But of course, our industry is the Wild Wild West in many ways and so there are a million different ways to run them, sell them, and serve within them.

And while I’m all for everyone doing what serves their business and audience best, I do think there are some important best practices/strategies (and worst practices) to consider in doing so. 

That is why I went live in The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur with my amazing friend, client, and mastermind mentor, Ellie Swift to chat all about it. Consider this our “loved and loathed” list on masterminds 😊 

This wasn’t about hating on any one way of doing things, but about a real conversation of what’s working and what’s not in that regard. Ellie is the perfect person for this convo as she has supported hundreds of entrepreneurs to build a Mastermind Model business and had a lot to say on the topic! 


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