The backend of a million dollar business – how we operate, our team roles, and more!

One of the things we get asked about a lot at A Lit Up Life is what kind of team does it take to create a successful seven-figure business? What does the back end of our team look like? 

I went live inside The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur with my COO Megan Schopieray to talk about all things team and how we built our team to support a seven-figure business. From how we operate to what roles we have and how we think about team –  we’re happy to share about all of it! 

If you’ve wondered what building a team could look like for you and your business so you can scale minus the massive stress, then this live is for you.

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • Every single role we have in my business, how much they’re in the business (full-time, part-time, contractor, etc.), and what they do to support the business in every area
  • When I think business owners should hire out tasks (it’s not what most people recommend) 
  • How to think about the time vs. money investment of hiring a team (and the place most business owners get stuck!)


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