The 2023 Planning Hack To Feel Better and More Successful in Business

Feeling a little (or ya know… completely and totally) overwhelmed planning for the new year?


I get it. I think it is so easy to feel like we have to do all the things, all at once. But let’s be honest… that never actually creates anything other than burnout. 


The opportunity is actually to have a method for planning that helps you see how all of the things that are important to you fit together, and get you more of what you want…


… Alongside a way of identifying and knowing what you actually want at any given moment. 


Easier said than done, but I do believe there’s a planning process that can make that so much easier that I’m excited to share with you! 


In The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur I shared the 2023 Planning Hack To Feel Better and More Successful in Business.


I have a method that I love walking my clients through that will change the way you plan, think, and feel about your business. If you want 2023 to not only be the year you create more success, but the year you actually FEEL more successful, you’ll definitely want to check this out.

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • One of the biggest problems I see entrepreneurs struggle with when it comes to expectations around your business and how focusing on the “shoulds” can be detrimental. 
  • The key to actually feeling good in your business rather than checking boxes and still feeling unfulfilled or chaotic with your results. 
  • Breaking down my specific planning method and the six “categories” I focus on each month that can also help you to acknowledge what’s important and feel good at the end of the month knowing you stayed intentional with the priorities.


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