The #1 thing keeping entrepreneurs from making serious sales

As entrepreneurs, we tend to spread ourselves way too thin… especially when first starting a new business.

We read all the books, listen to all the podcasts, and try to soak up every single strategy and sales process we can. We want to grow and we want to scale — quickly. But in doing this, in putting a focus on consumption and new information, could we actually be holding ourselves and our biz back?

I’ve seen this theme come up time and time again lately, so let’s chat about it! Is THIS thing keeping you from making serious sales?

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What I really think the #1 thing is (3:33)
  • The problem with having too many offers (4:30)
  • Do I trust myself enough to pick the right thing, to be an expert on that thing, and to sell it? (6:15)
  • The problem with marketing on too many platforms (8:00)
  • The more complication you add to your sales process, the less sales you’re going to make (9:35)
  • When you’re doing too many strategies at once, you don’t know what’s working (11:00)
  • The problem with always looking for the next thing (rather than working one thing until it works (12:20)
  • What if the problem isn’t that you don’t know enough?  What if the problem is that you know too much? (13:55)
  • The more you show up as you, commit to a strategy, and see that strategy through, the more results you’re going to get every single time. (15:05)
  • When you stop overcomplicating, everything shifts (20:15)
  • But what if it doesn’t work? (22:25)
  • What you need to do after picking a strategy (25:30)
  • When we overcomplicate, it’s always because… (27:07)


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