The #1 reason most people are frustrated in their biz

and what to DO to shift it NOW

Does your biz ever leave you wanting to pull your hair out? Are you trying *so freakin’ hard* to create your dream biz + life and feel like you’re ALWAYS coming up short?

You are so not alone, sister.

In fact, on any given day, I could probably find 100 entrepreneurs in 100 different industries who are all feeling the same way. What’s even more is that I could probably *guess* the #1 thing leaving every single one of you stuck.

Yep, that’s right. I’m breaking down the #1 reason most people are frustrated in their biz during my latest livestream. This is going to forever shift the way you see your work… and I have a feeling it will ease any tension in your shoulders almost immediately.

Here’s what I shared:
• THIS is why most people are super frustrated in their biz right now (1:48)
• What the online space says you’re doing wrong (that just isn’t true) (6:00)
• Why we stop taking consistent action towards our goals (11:09)
• What happens when we stop focusing the problem (13:27)
• The one thing that will ALWAYS be in your biz (15:02)
• How to sustainably build a biz (23:26)
• How to use your priorities to influence your biz model (25:54)
• If you’re giving a ton of value, but not making sales, THIS is what to do (32:04)
• What to do if you’re always focused on the next thing you need to learn (35:17)
• How to make sure your actions are in alignment with your priorities (39:51)
• The solution to being frustrated all of the time (42:51)


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