She Had to Reschedule a Huge Live Event

but still DECIDED the results were hers: Real Mindset + Strategy Talk with my client Christina Lecuyer

Imagine having thousands and thousands of dollars invested in a live event…

Having sold tons of tickets…

Having paid for stage design and lighting…

Knowing that it’s going to be your biggest sales funnel/biz opportunity of the year that you’re going ALL in on…

And then having to reschedule it for NEXT YEAR.

That’s exactly what happened to one of my clients when Coronavirus hit.

And she went live with me to not only share about the strategy of making a major pivot, but the real mindset work behind it.

Christina is an absolute rockstar multi-six figure business owner, pro-golfer, speaker, and mindset coach and what she shares will be nothing short of mind-blowing.

Here’s what we share:
• How she lost $100,000 worth of events in TWO days (and how to handle a pivot even when it’s the complete opposite of what you had planned)
• The 4 most important keys to getting what you want in life and business (and what ONE singular thing guarantees success)
• How “decision” impacts results even and especially now (plus the mindset six and seven figure entrepreneurs are using to navigate COVID-19 changes)

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