Scaling strategy and how to filter what the right one is for you

There are a LOT of ways to scale your business– I use a 1:1 revenue share model. I have many clients who’ve scaled with courses or group programs. I have many more clients who’ve scaled with products or memberships or masterminds or agencies. (And these are still just some of your options!)

And what’s even wilder is so far this only describes WHAT you can scale (model-wise), not even necessarily HOW you can scale (i.e. what platforms to use, what strategies to use, etc.)

Sooo good news, you can grow and scale your biz however you’d like. (Possible) bad news, you’ll first have to figure out what the best model & way is for YOU.

That’s why I did this livestream inside my community, The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur, to share scaling strategy and how to filter what the right one is for you!

There’s hundreds of “good” strategies for scaling your business, so let’s get super clear about what the BEST strategy is for you… because that’s what’ll actually lead to the most momentum, the most ease, and the most long-term growth for your biz!

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • Why one of my clients (whose business is on track for $1.7mil this year) is actually removing offerings from her plate (not adding them) to scale bigger & with more ease
  • The #1 thing I see burn people out in our industry when they’re scaling (and how to avoid this by asking yourself these 5 questions FIRST)
  • How to scale a membership, high-ticket mastermind, group coaching program, course, or other business model (plus the ironic truth about picking the model best for you!)

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