Real talk on what it’s been like having a baby and running this business

Want to hear the juicy, candid, and private conversations that you won’t find anywhere else on what it REALLY looks like to be a successful business owner and have a baby? The insights in the LITerally miniseries, LITtle Ones, were so helpful to me while I was pregnant, preparing for maternity leave, and establishing our family’s new “normal”. 

We cover so much in these podcast episodes, where five of my clients who had babies in the last year, share what worked (and what didn’t work) for them to create success in both business and motherhood, and the shifts that occurred as a result of having less time and less mental capacity (while continuing to run six and seven-figure businesses).

Now it’s my turn! I went live in The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur, where I revealed my take on the Little Ones miniseries and real talk on what it’s been like having a baby and running this business.

I shared my own experiences, journey, and I answered the same questions my clients answered in this miniseries. Join me for a BTS look on what it’s like being a new mom and running a 7-figure business on a 1:1 coaching model. I am grateful to pass on what I’ve learned, share my experience, and give you the insights I’ve gained around feeling lit up in your business while having a little one (yes, I used lit too many times and also I can’t help myself 😂😂).

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • The BEST thing I did by far when transitioning back to work after maternity leave
  • What I find to be the most surprising about being a mother and business owner (and how to apply this lesson to ANY season you are in)
  • How I am able to find balance and contentment even though there are trade-offs
  • Why I am intentionally saying no to way more opportunities than ever right now


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