Profit, money breakdowns, and real talk on what it actually looks like to make money in our space

One the juiciest topics in the online space…


Just that word alone brings up all kinds of thoughts and feelings for most of us. It’s often the #1 priority and goal of our businesses, and gets all the attention and conversation in the online industry. 

But what does it look like to ACTUALLY make money in our space? And even more so, what does the profit of that look like? What are people doing behind the scenes with that money?

For all the conversations happening about it, so much of that still remains a serious mystery and I want to change that.   

That is why I went live in The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur to share about profit, money breakdowns, and real talk on what it actually looks like to make money in our space.

Come learn with me! I’ll be teaching how to look at profit, breaking down real numbers, and ways to make money matter to you. 

And trust me… I’m your girl for this. I know my clients real numbers (it’s what they’re paying me off of), and have real conversations with six, multi-six, and seven figure businesses owners about this day in and day out.

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • Real examples of profit breakdowns (and the amount business owners are REALLY taking home)
  • The GAME CHANGER that will allow us to feel super abundant in our business (which reduces the pressure when we have dips in our revenue)
  • What will support us in having the most lit up life (this is NOT a message we are currently hearing in our industry)

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