PART 2: A BTS look at our million dollar year (from one on one coaching!)

I hosted a “part 1” behind-the-scenes look at A Lit Up Life’s first million dollar year and received so many AMAZING questions that I didn’t have quite enough time to get into allllll the juicy details around the Mindset, Strategy, and Execution that made this big milestone possible — plus I’d love to share more of the financial behind-the-scenes and have a revenue vs. profit conversation — so I’m adding a BTS encore!

That’s why I did this livestream inside my community, The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur, to share PART 2 of a BTS look at our million dollar year (from one on one coaching!).

In this video, you’ll hear:

• The Mindset, Strategy, and Execution of our first million-dollar CASH year 💰
• Profitability Strategies, Revenue Markers, Investments, and my thoughts on increasing (or not increasing) your expenses and your lifestyle with your income 🤑
• The biggest thing I see taking people OFF the path to 7 figures (and what I recommend doing instead + what made the biggest difference on my path to seven-figures)


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