Owning Your Sh*t

One of the scariest livestreams I’ve ever done

Over the past few years, I’ve given you a behind-the-scenes look into some of my best ideas… like my sales process, content framework, A Lit Up Partnership, and now the LITerally podcast.

But while I’ve shared the WHAT behind these ideas — like the specific MSE Framework or the benefits of a content repurposing plan — I’ve *never* fully owned the POWER of these projects.

You see, it takes a tremendous amount of thought leadership to create the environment necessary for new ideas. It takes a large dose of courage to not only flush out a new concept but be willing to share it (and tweak it) publicly. It takes a specific type of permission to learn from others *while* bringing your own beliefs, experience, and expertise to the table.

Innovation is brave, risky, and vulnerable. But owning that innovation? Well, that’s downright crazy… until now.

That’s why I did a livestream to talk about owning. your. sh*t. I’m going to be honest with you… this was one of the scariest livestreams I’ve ever done! Because yes it’s nerve-racking to share “failures”… but it’s pretty foreign for a woman to publicly and boldly own her wins.

Here’s what I shared!
• Why if you don’t own your stuff no one will (4:25)
• The #1 thing I need you to know (6:45)
• The first thing I did when I came into this industry (8:42)
• What it ACTUALLY means to be a thought leader (15:04)
• True thought leadership looks like *this* (22:31)
• The importance of giving others credit too (31:54)
• How you get to the next level (43:57)

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