NFT Dirt + Details with Sabrina Phillip

Are you sick of hearing about the Golden Ticket NFT yet?  I hope not, because I’m definitely not quite done talking about it. I’ve gotten so many questions from all of you about where the process goes from here, what’s next, how it sold for that price point, and how to think about the value behind it (and how that might apply to your own business) and I really wanted to answer those! 

If you aren’t caught up, here’s alll the details on the Golden Ticket NFT you can check out, but the short version is: We offered our first NFT (A Lit Up Life: Golden Ticket NFT), the auction was the first week in February of 2022, and my client and very dear friend, Sabrina Phillip was the winner, paying $20k for the NFT.  She’s now going to be in her own process of leasing out that coaching spot, and we wanted to share that process with you! 

Sabrina joined me live inside The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur where we dove into all the details, the value Sabrina saw behind it, how she plans to use it, and how you can think about this in your own business.

If you’ve been wondering what innovation looks like on the receiving end and how to create huge wins for your people (clients AND nonclients), you do not want to miss this live!

In this replay, you’ll hear:

  • Why Sabrina bid on the NFT and how she was thinking about it in her business (spoiler: it’ll give you huge insight for how to think about innovation your own business)
  • What she plans to do with the NFT as far as leasing and what that will look like going forward
  • What I learned from this experience and what you can take from that to apply to your business


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