My word of the year, lessons learned from 2023, and my plans for 2024

Y’all know I LOVEEEE a word of the year. I know it can be a little basic, but truly, having a word of the year for many years has changed my life.

For example, the year I got a divorce my word was “upgrade”. The year I met Kenny my word was “love”. I could go on and on… but my word has always taught me A LOT and really taken me on a journey (usually one I don’t expect). 

This year was no different. And I’m assuming the word I’m choosing for next year will be the same. 

I know I always love hearing people’s personal perspectives and reflections on things like this because even if my journey isn’t the same as theirs, it’s always so helpful and normalizing. 

That’s why I went live in The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur to share with you what my word was, what it’s going to be, and what I’ve learned in 2023 (from my word and beyond). I also shared my plans for 2024 and where my head is at around what’s next!

I hope my perspective helps you dive into a helpful reflection on your 2023 and inspires you to dream big on your path for 2024!


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