(i.e. the actual decisions I’ve made to get to where I am today)

Way too often, as entrepreneurs, we tend to sugar coat the journey instead of being REAL with our audience. We share when we’ve had success, and how much success we’re having, but we tend to forget about the journey in actually getting to those results. While we don’t need to share any and everything we experience, there IS so much power in giving light to the ups and downs that come with chasing big goals. There’s a huge amount of connection and relationship-building to be had. With that intention in mind, here’s MY journey to big results!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The importance of having an “It’s not if, but when” mentality (2:24)
  • Goals – what you have to know is what feels good for you (4:25)
  • My decision to hire a 1:1 coach so early in my business (and how it helped me) (6:55)
  • Shiny objects, comparisonitis and the challenge of group programs early in your business (9:20)
  • Giving yourself permission to do things your way (12:10)
  • Listening to your gut and following through with gut intuition (14:50)
  • Are you willing to fall flat on your face for this idea? (16:45)
  • My gut has never led me wrong, other people have (19:40)
  • The difference between fear and gut intuition (22:24)
  • Making income goals that support your life goals (25:30)
  • The game-changing decision to hire and invest in support (not just knowledge) (33:50)
  • The importance of giving yourself time and space to be in it (testing and tweaking to figure out what works for you) (38:07)
  • “Nothing blooms all year” (42:05)
  • Making the decision to serve your clients really, really well (45:14)
  • Do you know what makes you a stellar service provider? (47:30)


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